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Morning Catholic must-reads: 21/09/15

Cubans await Pope Francis's arrival in Revolution Plaza in Havana yesterday (AP)

Cuban police arrested two leading dissidents on their way to Vespers with Pope Francis in Havana cathedral on Sunday.

Peace talks between the Colombian government and FARC rebels must not fail, the Pontiff said in his Angelus address yesterday (full text).

The Holy See would consider compensating victims of former nuncio Józef Wesołowski, spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi has suggested.

Families are disintegrating “largely due to lack of knowledge about the faith”, Indian Cardinal Telesphore Toppo has said ahead of next month’s family synod.

Japan’s decision to abandon its pacifist stance was “a really sad day”, Bishop Isao Kikuchi has said.

Paul Baumann, Daniel Burke, Rachel Donadio, William Nordhaus, Rocco Palmo, Nahal Toosi, Bishop Francis Quinn, George Weigel, George Will and Jim Yardley reflect on Francis ahead of this week’s papal visit to America.

And Jim Gaffigan gets ready to perform stand-up comedy in front of 1.5 million people – and the Pope.

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