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Donald Trump says he would ‘scare the Pope’ and say ‘ISIS wants to get you’

Pope Francis (CNS)

Donald Trump has said he would silence any anti-capitalist remarks from Pope Francis by reminding the Pontiff of ISIS’s intention to invade the Vatican when he visits the country next month.

The multi-billionaire, who describes himself as Protestant, said he would like to meet Pope Francis during his upcoming visit to the US but would not tolerate any criticism of capitalism, if they were to meet face to face. Instead, the politician would remind the Pope that ISIS has threatened to invade the Vatican.

“I’d say, ‘Isil wants to get you,’” he said “I’m gonna have to scare the Pope because it’s the only thing.”

“The Pope, I hope, can only be scared by God. But the truth is – you know, if you look at what’s going on – they better hope that capitalism works, because it’s the only thing we have right now,” he said. “And it’s a great thing when it works properly.”

During his recent visit to South America, Pope Francis described unregulated capitalism as “the dung of the Devil” but has reportedly been told by his advisers to tone down his criticism to appeal to American audiences when he visits New York and Philadelphia next month.

Mr Trump is currently leading the polls in the Republican presidential nomination despite near constant media attention for his controversial comments.