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Bishop urges Israel to stop construction of wall in Cremisan Valley

Bishop Declan Lang condemned the action by Israel © Mazur/

An English bishop has condemned the Israeli government’s decision to resume the construction of a security barrier in the Cremisan Valley.

In a statement released today Bishop Declan Lang echoed the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, who has condemned the move and called on the Israeli authorities to await the decision of the Supreme Court over whether the construction can go ahead.

Bishop Lang, chairman of the bishops’ conference department for international affairs, said: “I add my voice to that of His Beatitude Patriarch Twal in condemning the latest move by the Israeli authorities to displace the people of Cremisan from their land and threatening their livelihoods.”

A previous Supreme Court ruling in April blocked the Israeli government’s plans to extend the security barrier through the Cremisan Valley.

Bishop Lang said: “The action of the IDF in bulldozing olive trees to prepare for the construction of the separation barrier is a cruel blow to the hopes raised by the recent Supreme Court ruling.

“I urge the Israeli authorities to stop construction and reconsider urgently their approach to the people of the Cremisan valley which has caused such grave injustice.

“As always my prayers and thoughts are with the people who are facing this unjust and difficult situation and who are seeking peace in the midst of this conflict.”