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Dozens of Christians ‘kidnapped by ISIS gunmen’ after capture of Syrian town

An Assyrian Christian prays at a church in Damascus (Photo: CNS)

At least 60 Christians have been abducted by ISIS gunmen in a central town in Syria, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

They are among more than 200 civilians reportedly abducted by militants after the capture of Qaryatain.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights chief Rami Abdurrahman said that many of the Christians had fled from Aleppo province, in the north of Syria, to seek refuge in the town.

A photograph of a handwritten list has emerged which apparently shows the names of Assyrian Christians who have been captured.

Neil Sammonds, the Syria researcher for Amnesty International, said: “We know that Christians and ‘collaborators’ are a target of ISIS.

“They are at the highest risk either for some kind of summary justice or for Christians in particular, some kind of high ransom demand or exchange.”

Syrian priest Fr Jacques Mourad from the Syriac Catholic Mar Elian monastery in Qaryatain was abducted in May.