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Dalai Lama praises Pope’s environment encyclical

The Dalai Lama joins rock star Patti Smith on stage at Glastonbury (PA)

The Dalai Lama has spoken out in support of Laudato Si’, the Pope’s encyclical on the environment, during a visit to the Glastonbury Festival.

Speaking at a panel event organised by the Guardian newspaper, the Buddhist leader said he “really appreciates” Pope Francis’s decision to discuss the environment publicly, adding that it was “wonderful”.

He also urged other religious leaders to “speak out about current affairs which affect the future of mankind”.

The Dalai Lama also called on countries around the world to take action to tackle environmental issues.

“Countries think about their own national interest rather than global interests and that needs to change because the environment is a global issue,” he said.

“It is not sufficient to just express views, we must set a timetable for change.”

In the encyclical that was released earlier this month, Pope Francis said the world was at “breaking point” due to damage wrought on the environment and that “a very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system” that was either “produced or aggravated” by human activity.

During his visit to the Glastonbury Festival, in Somerset, on Sunday, the Dalai Lama also appeared on stage with US rock star Patti Smith.