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Three Catholic Rites to be celebrated in one day at Walsingham

Mgr Keith Netwon (CNS)

Three Catholic Rites will be celebrated at Walsingham on Saturday at the same altar within three hours of each other.

The special event will occur during the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham’s annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham.

At the Chapel of Reconciliation a Western Rite Mass will be followed by a Melkite Rite and finally the Ordinariate Rite, the first time such an event has occurred at Walsingham.

The Rites will be led by the Ordinary Mgr Keith Newton, and for the second year in a row a group of Melkite Catholic Christians will be in attendance.

The day’s programme will begin at the Anglican Shrine, followed by a procession to the Chapel of Reconciliation and the Slipper Chapel. Attendees will recite the Rosary, led by Sisters Jane Louise and Wendy Renate of the Sisters of Our Lady of Reconciliation.