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Asia Bibi is so ill ‘she can hardly walk’, say her family

Asia Bibi's daughters pose with a photograph of their mother (Photo: CNS)

Asia Bibi, the 50-year-old Pakistani woman who has been imprisoned for five years for alleged blasphemy, has been vomiting blood, according to reports from her family.

She was sentenced to death in November 2010, following accusations of blasphemy from a group of Muslim women who refused to let her drink water from the same well. She has always denied the accusations. Pakistani authorities have ignored an international outcry and calls for her release.

Her family say she is suffering from intestinal bleeding and needs medical care. They say she is “so weak she can hardly walk”. They visited her last week, having not seen her for over a month.

A source told that Asia Bibi was vomiting blood, having difficulty eating and had a constant pain in her chest. “Therefore it is necessary that Asia Bibi be submitted as soon as possible for a full medical checkup,” the source said.

“Lawyers of Asia Bibi have taken the necessary legal actions [for her] to receive timely medical treatment and is transferred to the prison in Lahore, which can provide more adequate health care and [where] she would be closer to her family, who have to travel for several hours from Lahore to Multan.”

Pope Francis met Asia Bibi’s family in April, saying: “I pray for Asia, for you and for all Christians who are suffering.”