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DVD defending traditional marriage sent to every priest in Britain and Ireland

Bishop Mark Davies

Every priest and parish in Britain and Ireland is to receive a copy of a DVD defending traditional Catholic teaching on marriage, the family and human sexuality.

With contributions from Cardinal Raymond Burke, Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury and Edmund Adamus, Westminster Director of Marriage and Family, the DVD has been launched as the Church prepares for the Synod on the Family in October.

The DVD comes from the British Confraternity of Catholic Clergy in collaboration with St Anthony Communications, which specialises in catechetical video presentations.

It covers such challenging topics as cohabitation, homosexuality, divorce and re-marriage, and features lay experts and married couples who speak in support of the Church’s teaching from their own experience.

“The DVD responds to the call of the Holy Father to support marriage and the family currently challenged and misunderstood. We offer this modern media tool of the New Evangelisation, as a service to the Church, for parish viewing, for marriage preparation and for general catechesis,’ said a spokesman for the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.

He continued: “The content is just basic Catholic teaching which everyone has a right to hear. It is a clear, unambiguous and bold presentation, but always given with charity and without polemics. Now is not the time for hiding the true and beautiful vision of marriage and the family for the healing of our societies.”

A spokesman for St Anthony Communication said that the DVD sets out Catholic teaching in a simple and accessible way. “The DVD explains why we teach what we teach, to offset confusion caused by inadequate and diluted teaching in the past, and offer hope for the future,” he said.