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Bishop of Portsmouth urges Church to speak up for traditional marriage

Bishop Egan said children need a mother and a father ©Mazur/

The Bishop of Portsmouth has said that the Church must constantly advocate the benefits of marriage in an editorial for Catholic Medical Quarterly.

Bishop Philip Egan writes: “We must show how children raised with both a mother and a father grow up healthier, happier, and stronger, and are less likely to fail in school, abuse drugs or go to jail.”

“They experience less distress, less depression and less suicidal tendencies,” he said and added that every media outlet should be used to “convince people with supporting data,” about the benefits of marriage.

“Single parenting has never been a viable economic unit,” he said, as children who grow up in one-parent homes are more likely to live their whole lives in poverty.

He continued: “Men who marry and stay married have fewer illnesses; they live longer than single men; they earn more, and they amass more net worth than single men with a similar education.”

The Bishop of Portsmouth’s made his comments after attending a three-day Colloquium in Rome last November, organised by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the complementarity of man and woman.