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Bosnian choristers to sing for Pope Francis on Sarajevo visit

The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Sarajevo, where Pope Francis will visit (CNS)

Pope Francis’s visit to Sarajevo next week will be met by a multi-faith children’s choir, 20 years after the Bosnian War ended.

Orthodox Christian Serbs and Bosnian Muslim children will sing a song called “Love People” for the Pope during his Sarajevo Mass.

The children come from The House of Good Tunes in Srebrenica, a centre that houses the multi-faith  Superar Choir in a town made notorious by the July 1995 massacre of 7,000 Bosniac men and boys.

Choirmaster Ismar Poric said: “This kind of mix is what we need in Bosnia. Friendships were born here, I hope life-long ones.”

Mr Poric said that he wants the children whose parents’ generation suffered from the genocide in the Balkans to be given a ticket for a better future.

The choir was founded in 2010 and has grown to see 220 children aged between 5 and 17 preparing for the arrival of the Pontiff.

Some of the children are struggling to contain their excitement for next week’s event where Pope Francis is expecting a large reception despite the fact that Catholics are in the minority in Bosnia.

Serb Dajana Lazarevic, aged 12, said that singing for “such a great person will be a wonderful experience”.