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Facebook is Catholic and Twitter is Protestant, says priest

Fr Lucie-Smith describes Facebook users as a congregation (PA)

Facebook is Catholic and Twitter is Protestant, according to a Catholic priest and moral theologian.

Writing in this week’s Catholic Herald, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith says that for “a digital illustration of respective theological worldviews, look at the two giants of social media.”

In the article, he likens Twitter to Protestantism, saying: “Twitter is a wonderful tool for those who wish to preach to their ‘followers’. The most famous tweeters have heaps of followers, and thus no real way of judging their audience or gauging its reaction. This disparate horde does not form a true community.”

He adds: “This isn’t to say that actual Protestants on Twitter deal in crude rhetoric. Take Pastor Rick Warren, who has an impressive 1.6 million followers. This megachurch of cyberspace is admirable and authentically Christian, as is the Alpha course pioneer Nicky Gumbel, who has 100,000 followers.”

The full article is available in this week’s Catholic Herald magazine, out on Friday.

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