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Morning Catholic must-reads: 04/05/15

Francis greets the faithful during his visit to Regina Pacis church in Rome (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

The Pope urged the elderly to pray for him during a visit to a Roman parish on Sunday, saying he too “is a little old, a little sick” (full video).

The fruits of a “profound union with Christ are wonderful”, Francis said in his Regina Caeli address yesterday (full text, full video).

A “yes” vote in this month’s same-sex marriage referendum would impose a “new orthodoxy” on Ireland, Archbishop Eamon Martin has said (full text).

John Allen examines “pro-life anxiety” over the forthcoming environment encyclical.

Michael Coren, author of Why Catholics are Right, explains why he’s become an Anglican.

Tom Holland describes what it’s like to play against the Vatican’s “alarmingly fit-looking” cricket team.

And Archbishop Charles Scicluna will become the Times of Malta’s first guest editor this week.

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