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Cardinal Nichols ‘deeply shocked’ by slaughter of 300 Yazidis

A Yazidi woman released by ISIS last month (Photo: PA)

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has said he is “deeply shocked” after reports that Islamic State (ISIS) militants killed 300 Yazidis near Mosul in Iraq.

The slaughter was reported by the Yazidi Progress party. ISIS captured tens of thousands of Yazidis during their sudden advance into northern Iraq last summer. An estimated 1,400 Yazidis are believed to be held still at a camp near Mosul.

“I am deeply shocked by the brutal murder of these peace-loving people. The Yazidis I met in our recent visit to Erbil impressed me with their quiet dignity. I am sure that all people of decency will condemn these killings. I commend those who have been killed to the mercy of God and I pray earnestly for the peace of the region.”

Last month ISIS released more than 200 Yazidi prisoners – women, children and the elderly who were said to be in poor health.