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Eight men detained in India following rape of elderly nun

Indian Christians hold placards protesting against recent attacks on churches in the Indian capital as they assemble outside the Sacred Heart Church in New Delhi, India, (PA)

Eight men have been detained in the Indian state of West Bengal following the rape of an elderly nun.

CCTV footage showed six alleged attackers breaking into the Convent of Jesus and Mary and burgling the premises before the 74-year-old nun was raped.

The Arcbishop of Calcutta has called for more security at the convent while prayers have been led for the victim who is said to be in a stable condition in Calcutta hospital.

Police have offered a reward equivalent to £1000 for any information members of the public might have on the suspects.

Archbishop Thomas D’Souza told the BBC: “There are only three sisters in the community. One sister was molested badly. The other two, and a guard, were tied to chairs.”

He also added that the men had vandalised the chapel, broken open the tabernacle and stolen the ciborium.

The attack took place at the convent school in Ranaghat early on Saturday morning before the nun was raped in the convent.

Christian groups have recently held protests in the capital, Delhi, saying they are being targeted as a minority and calling for better protections.