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Morning Catholic must-reads: 25/02/15

Pope Francis with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and First Lady Angelica Rivera in June 2014 (AP)

A Vatican spokesman has said Pope Francis didn’t intend to offend Mexicans when he referred to the “Mexicanisation” of Argentina in a private email.

Pope Francis has given permission for a homeless man to be buried in a Vatican cemetery alongside princes and bishops.

European royals have added their signatures to a 100,000-strong “filial appeal” to Pope Francis to uphold Church teaching on the family (list).

The Irish Church must avoid “insensitive and over-judgmental” language in the same-sex marriage debate, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin has said.

Mont Saint-Michel has been cut off by the sea for the first time since 1879 (drone video).

Andrea Jain asks if Pope Francis is “yogaphobic”.

And Mail Online captures Franciscan friars enjoying a snowball fight in Jerusalem.

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