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Christian school in Pakistan ransacked in response to Charlie Hebdo cartoons

An anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstration in Pakistan (CNS)

Hundreds of Muslim students, armed with iron bars and sticks, have ransacked a Christian school in northern Pakistan in protest at blasphemous cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo.

300 Muslim students stormed the Christian boys’ school in the city of Bannu, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in northern Pakistan, demanding its closure and injuring four students.

The protesting students entered the Panel High School after jumping its outer walls and forcing open the gates.

The school has been closed for two days and the headmaster has decided to take additional security measures.

Nasir Saeed, Christian director of the NGO, Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement, said: “It is very sad that Islamic radicals attack Pakistani Christians because of Charlie Hebdo. Christians condemn the blasphemous cartoons. It is a shame that even after 67 years since the birth of Pakistan, Christians have not yet been considered Pakistani citizens, but are seen as ‘Western allies’.

“Whenever incidents occur in western countries, the faithful Pakistanis are attacked. Christians, who are already living under constant fear for their lives, become even more vulnerable. It is the politicians’ duty to create a cultural environment and a society in which Christians and religious minorities feel safe”.