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Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/01/15

Participants in the March for Life walk towards the Supreme Court in Washington DC (AP)

The Pope offered his support to the estimated half a million people who took part in the March for Life in Washington DC yesterday.

The Catholic Church cannot “celebrate” the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, Cardinal Reinhard Marx has said.

Francis has urged Vatican security officials “not to lose heart”, despite “shadows and dangers” on the horizon (video).

Two mummies at the Vatican Museums are forgeries, researchers have claimed.

Tim Busch argues that capitalism embodies the vision of Catholic social teaching “better than any other economic system”.

Fr Brian D’Arcy says Thomas Merton had an uncanny vision of his untimely death.

And a local council in the Philippines has passed a resolution naming Pope Francis as a “Superpope”.

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