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Morning Catholic must-reads: 14/01/15

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, president of the Nigerian bishops' conference (CNS/Simon Caldwell)

Nigerian Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama has called for a unity march against Boko Haram on the scale of Sunday’s march in Paris.

It would be a “shock” if Pope Francis didn’t visit New York in September, a spokesman for New York archdiocese has said.

A French Jesuit publication has posted anti-Catholic Charlie Hebdo cartoons on its website in solidarity with the magazine.

Cindy Wooden describes Cardinal Antonio Tagle’s frantic last-minute preparations for the papal visit to Manila.

Matthew Sewell argues that Cardinal Raymond Burke’s critics have misunderstood his comments about radical feminism.

Fr Robert Barron asks if New Atheists are right when they claim religion has a “smart people problem”.

And Teresa Cero-Jano marvels at “Pope mania” in the Philippines ahead of Francis’s visit tomorrow.

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