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Archbishop of Glasgow calls for prayers after fatal lorry crash

Firemen walking past the bin lorry in George Square in Glasgow (PA)

The Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia said he is heartbroken for all those who were caught up in the fatal lorry crash in Glasgow city centre yesterday.

Six people were killed and eight others were injured when a bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in central Glasgow. The vehicle then crashed into the Millennium Hotel, in George Square, at around 2.30pm.

“I was shocked and horrified to hear the news of this incident,” said Archbishop Tartaglia.

“My heart breaks for all those who have been directly caught up in it as they go about their business just a few days before Christmas in the centre of Glasgow.”

He continued: “The circumstances could hardly be more tragic. I would ask any person of faith to pray for those who have died and their relatives and those who have been injured.

Archbishop Tartaglia will offer Mass for victims of crash on Wednesday at 1pm in St Andrew’s Cathedral.