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Water company criticised for toilet ‘humour’

The Southern Water Christmas video

Southern Water has been criticised after filming a video with the words of a Christmas carol changed to a song about going to the toilet.

The water company filmed the video inside Brighton’s Victorian sewers, featuring workers singing “We Three Kings” with the words changed, asking people flush only “pee, poo and paper” down the loo.

The video was released in response to the company having to deal with more than 11,000 blockages in their network.

However a Catholic councillor on the Isle of Wight, Chris Whitehouse, criticised the video as distasteful.

The Conservative councillor said: “It’s not just the awfulness of the linkage, they’ve also got their timings wrong. The three Kings arrive at the stable to worship the newborn Prince of Peace as representatives of the non-Jewish people of the world not on Christmas Day, but on the great Feast of the Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas.

“Southern Water should withdraw this crass video, apologise to the Christian community and make a significant donation to a charity helping ebola victims by way of restitution.”

A spokesman from Southern Water said: “We are sorry if anyone has taken offence to the song – this was absolutely not our intention.”

In a follow up statement Councillor Whitehouse also criticised the company’s record on charitable donations before adding: “So much for Southern Water’s charity and corporate social responsibility. They should now withdraw their crass video, apologise for any offence and make a significant and real charitable donation to the overseas aid agency CAFOD to assist with its work to tackle ebola in Africa.”