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MPs to debate sex-selective abortion Bill


MPs will debate a parliamentary Bill next month which aims to clarify that abortion on the grounds of sex is illegal.

Fiona Bruce MP has initiated a Ten-Minute Rule Bill which will be debated in the House of Commons on November 4 although it is unlikely that it will be voted on.

In a statement released today, campaigners said: “The sponsors of the Bill were motivated by a desire to put in place some legislative provision which could help women who are under pressure to terminate female pregnancies, and to clear up the confusion which reigns currently.

“The three biggest institutions representing those who regulate and perform the majority of abortions in this country all disagree on sex-selective abortion.

“The Government argues that “abortion on the grounds of gender alone is illegal’. However, the British Medical Association (BMA) disagrees, arguing that there are sometimes mental health grounds for a sex-selective abortion. The British Pregnancy Advisory disagrees with both the Government’s and BMA’s interpretations of the law. In their literature, still available on their website, they pose the question ‘Is abortion for reasons of fetal sex illegal under the Abortion Act?’ They answer ‘No. The law is silent on the matter’.”