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Do not believe people who say that the Pope is disappointed by synod outcome, says cardinal

Pope Francis shares a word with Cardinal Nichols during the synod (AP)

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has urged Catholics not to believe commentators who say that Pope Francis is disappointed with the outcome of the family synod.

Speaking in a recorded address, the Archbishop of Westminster said: “If you hear any commentators say that Pope Francis was defeated or disappointed, don’t believe them. Believe his own words that he says himself. In fact he went on to say this: ‘Many commentators or people who talk have imagined that they see a disputatious Church where one part is against the other’, and he said ‘that is not the case.'”

Reflecting on the synod, Cardinal Nichols said the final report includes “trumpet calls for the beauty of marriage”, while supporting people in difficult situations with love and care.

The full recording of Cardinal Nichols’s words can be found here.