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Bishop Kieran Conry: no other bishop knew about affair

Bishop Kieran Conry (Mazur/

The Bishop of Arundel and Brighton has insisted that no other bishop knew about his affair.

Bishop Kieran Conry told The Catholic Herald that if a bishop had known “someone would have said something to me, someone would have taken me aside, and nobody did”.

Bishop Conry said “no other bishops” confronted him about any rumours regarding the relationship and neither did the nuncio.

Bishop Conry resigned after admitting to having a sexual relationship with a member of his diocese which lasted six years.

He has also been accused of having a relationship with another woman by her estranged husband who claimed that the Catholic Church had covered up the alleged second affair. His lawyer said Church leaders had “known for years that the bishop has been having affairs”.

Bishop Conry has denied having a sexual relationship with the second woman.

But Bishop Conry insisted that if the bishops had thought he was having an affair then they “would have done something”.

He said: “When Church authorities heard about this latest story there was someone at my door almost within hours. And the way it works there is a procedure in place in Canon Law that if a bishop should find himself in my situation there is a procedure to follow and that was followed very, very quickly.”

The interview with Bishop Kieran Conry will be available in the print edition of this week’s Catholic Herald.