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Cardinal Nichols: Murder of David Haines a repugnant attack on humanity

David Haines, the British aid worker killed by ISIS

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has paid tribute to David Haines, the British aid worker killed by ISIS terrorists, and described his murder as “repugnant and chilling”.

“It is with great sadness that we hear of the killing of David Haines in what can only be described as a repugnant and chilling attack on human life. In its destructive savagery, it is an act that expresses the worst and most misguided aspects of human nature,” the Archbishop of Westminster said in a statement released today.

“In contrast, I wish to pay tribute to David Haines, who by his untiring service to those who suffer the ravages of war, lived a life that demonstrated all that is best in humanity. His concern for others manifested itself in his commitment to helping others, without counting the cost to himself, ultimately paying the price with his life.”

He continued: “My thoughts and prayers are for his family and for all who knew him and were touched by him. I stand with others of all faiths and none in condemning this savagery and asking for a renewed political resolve to work for lasting peace and the upholding of human dignity for all in the Middle East.”

On Saturday ISIS released a video of Mr Haines’s beheading by a masked militant. The 44-year-old aid worker had been captured in Syria in 2013. He was being held by militants who have also killed two US captives, James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

The latest video also includes a threat to kill a second British hostage, Alan Henning, 47, a taxi driver and volunteer aid worker from Salford.

Meanwhile, 30 countries have pledged to combat ISIS “by all means necessary”. A statement by foreign ministers and diplomats who met today in Paris, said support would include “appropriate military assistance”.