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Scotland’s archbishops urge Catholics to vote in referendum

A sign outside the Scottish parliament advertising the date of the referendum (Photo: PA)

Scotland’s archbishops are urging Catholics to vote in next month’s independence referendum.

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow and Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews and Edinburgh both issued messages to be read at Masses this weekend.

The referendum is due to be held on September 18.

Archbishop Tartaglia said in his message that, along with the rest of the Scottish bishops, he was “deeply conscious of the importance of this referendum”.

He said: “I encourage and urge all those eligible to vote to do so with complete freedom of choice and in accordance with their prayerful judgment of what is best for the future. May God guide us and bless us in whatever choice we make in good conscience.”

Archbishop Cushley said: “I encourage you, in the light of Catholic social teaching, carefully to consider the issues and to do your civic duty on the day itself. No matter the result of the Referendum, I would hope that all Catholics will continue to engage positively in public discourse, and ensure that the Christian message and its values are better expressed and understood, to the benefit of the whole community. By doing so, our beloved land will be a more just, peaceful and prosperous place for all its citizens.”