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Ban Ki-Moon: World must do more to help persecuted Iraqis

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon (PA)

The United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has called on the international community to do more for the persecuted Iraqi Christians and other minorities who continue to face terrible violence at the hands of Islamic State (IS) militants.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Mr Ban described the plight of Yazidis and other refugees trapped on Mount Sinjar as “especially harrowing.”

“The situation on the mountain is dire. I urge the international community to do even more to provide the protection they need,” he said.

He added that he was “profoundly dismayed” by the violent attacks perpetrated by IS including executions, abductions and trafficking of young women.

Mr Ban said that Iraqi security forces should not get involved in the political process and urged prime minister-designate Haider al-Abadi to form a broad-based government acceptable to all parts of Iraqi society.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday morning, the US confirmed that it has sent 130 extra military advisers to northern Iraq to assist with the humanitarian aid effort. They will help develop ways of providing extra humanitarian assistance beyond the current airdropping of supplies.

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said: “I recommended to the President and the President has authorised me to go ahead and send about 130 new assessment team members up to northern Iraq in the Irbil area to take a closer look and give more in depth assessment of where we can continue to help.”


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