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Cardinal Nichols appointed to new Vatican departments by Pope Francis

Cardinal Vincent Nichols (CNS)

Pope Francis, has appointed Cardinal Vincent to two additional departments of the Roman Curia which oversee priests and Christian unity.

It was announced earlier today that Cardinal Nichols has been appointed to both the Congregation for Clergy and the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity.

As a result, Cardinal Nichols is now a member of four bodies of the Roman Curia, the other two being the Congregation for Bishops – which oversees the appointments of bishops across most of the world – and the Congregation for Oriental Churches, tasked with relations with Eastern Catholics.

The Pope also appointed the other cardinals he created in February to a host of Vatican dicasteries or departments. As is custom, the new cardinals are appointed to offices of the Holy See after they receive their red hat.

Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin was named a member of the congregations for Eastern Churches, Bishops and the Evangelisation of Peoples, while Canadian Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec was named a member of the congregation for religious and the pontifical councils for Interreligious Dialogue and for Culture.


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