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Murdered schoolboy’s parents receive MBE

Barry and Margaret Mizen established the Jimmy Mizen Foundation folllowing their son's death (PA)

The parents of the murdered school boy Jimmy Mizen have been honoured with MBEs after they established a foundation in their son’s name in order to raise awareness about violent crime.

Mr and Mrs Mizen, who are parents to eight Catholic children, said that the award was not just for them but for the whole family.

Jimmy Mizen was murdered in May 2008, the day after his 16th birthday, when he was attacked at a local bakery in South-East London.

Barry Mizen, who is aged 62, said: “To us, it’s about the hundreds and hundreds of people that support us, it’s about all the work the rest of the family do, and it’s in memory of a fine and decent young lad whose legacy will be one of peace and community cohesion.”

Margaret Mizen, 60, said the Jimmy Mizen Foundation was “going from strength to strength, which we are really proud about”.

Mr and Mrs Mizen have spoken pubicly about the strength they have drawn from their Catholic faith.