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New campaign to challenge pro-life stereotypes is launched

The #notblinkered campaign will run for the next 6 weeks

A new campaign has been launched by the pro-life charity LIFE.

The campaign, entitled “#notblinkered” is aimed at breaking down stereotypes of people who are pro-life while encouraging the public to face the reality of abortion.

Mary Lubrano who is a spokeswoman for the charity LIFE said: “Abortion is definitely not a woman’s choice as there are often economical or other circumstances that push women towards the decision not to carry on with the pregnancy.”

She continued: “’I’m #notblinkered, I support life’ is, indeed, the key statement of the #notblinkered campaign, which presents videos with real people who happen to be pro-life. They express pro-life thinking without being necessarily Catholics or conservatives: they are normal people with independent views who are without blinkers about the fundamental human right to life.”.

The #notblinkered campaign also wants to create more debate around pro-life questions.

Mary Lubrano said: “We want to encourage people to entertain for a moment on the idea of what being a pro-life means. Furthermore, we want people to see that things in UK are not going very well, because abortion is not good for woman and for society as a whole”.

The campaign has being run online from a dedicated website ( and it will continue for six weeks in which characters will explain their personal journey to being pro-life.