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WYD 2013: Pope Francis presides at closing Mass on Copacabana Beach: as it happened

Pilgrims pack Copacabana beach for World Youth Day's closing Mass (AP)

16:08 That’s all from us today. We can’t wait for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland. Goodbye and God Bless.

16:04 The closing Mass concludes with the hymn “Even to the ends of the Earth.”

16:00 The next WYD will be in Krakow, Poland.

15:58 Pope Francis says “every time we pray the Angelus we recall the event which changed the history of mankind forever.”

15:56 At the close of World Youth Day 2013, Pope Francis extends his thanks to pilgrims and says he “carries each one of them in his heart.”

15:51 We are moments away from discovering the location for World Youth Day 2016. The location is due to be announced by Pope Francis during the Angelus.

15:50 Cardinal Rylko remembers the Pope Emeritus and Blessed John Paul II.

15:43 Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko is addressing Pope Francis. He says young people found their pastor in the Holy Father with his inspiring words. The youth found answers for the problems they feel in their hearts. “Young people don’t let anybody take away your hope. Do not be afraid to go against the current.”

15:37 Eric Marrapodi tweets:

@EricCNNBelief World Youth Day organizers say they ordered 4 million hosts for this year’s events. Communion underway.

15:34 The Communion song is,’Tantum Ergo,’ based on the traditional hymn by Thomas Aquinas

15:28 “Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem.”

15:24 The Lord’s Prayer is sung in Latin.

15:20 Pope Francis is celebrating Mass with the second Eucharistic prayer.

15:13 “Memo to popes: For smash debut, head to Latin America” writes John Allen.

15:10 You can read the full text of the Pope’s homily this morning here.

15:09 Bidding prayers during the closing Mass included prayers for the victims of the train crash in Santiago, Spain.

15:05 Incase you missed it, here is the flash mob which was performed for Pope Francis at the beginning of Mass this morning.

15:00 Cardinal O’Malley of Boston tweets

@CardinalSean Young people: Christ is counting on you to go and make disciples! The Pope is counting on you to go and make disciples!#WYD

14:59 Following Pope Francis’s homily, the Creed is recited.

14:57: “Dear young people Jesus Christ is counting on you, the Church is counting on you, the Pope is counting on you!”

14:53 The Psalm says “sing to the Lord a new song.” This song is the song of your life- a life of service for others. Evangelising means overcoming selfishness and bending down to wash the feet of our brethren as Jesus did. Remember Pope Francis says: “Go without fear to serve.”

14:53 Pope Francis appeals to priests to accompany and support the young. He thanks the church communities which accompany young people which are creative and informative.

14:51 Pope Francis says the prophet Jeremiah was afraid but the Lord told him not to be afraid. We shouldn’t be afraid. Christ promised “I am always with you.” Jesus does not leave us alone. He always accompanies you. What’s more, Jesus did not say one of you go but all of you go. The whole Church and the Communion of saints are your companions on this mission.

14:49 The whole world needs Christ, says Pope Francis. The Church needs your enthusiasm, your creativity and your joy. The best instrument for evangelising the young is another young person.

14:48 Pope Francis says Jesus sends us to everyone. The Gospel is for everyone and not just for some. Do not be afraid to bring Christ to the fringes of society.

14:46 Pope Francis says during Rio you have met Jesus with others. But you shouldn’t lock this experience and encounter away for this is like withholding oxygen from a flame. You should pass on the flame of faith. However Jesus did not say this was an option but simply “Go and make disciples of all nations.” This is the command that the Lord entrusts to the whole Church and that includes you.

14:45 Pope Francis begins “go and make disciples of all nations!” Jesus is asking each one of us to pass on the experience of WYD 2013 to others. “Jesus is calling you to be a disciple with a mission.”

14:41 The Gospel according to St Matthew. “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

14:37 The Gospel Acclamation begins “Jesus preached the Good News throughout the kingdom.”

14:33 Psalm 95/96 is sung: “Proclaim through all the Earth the wonders of the Lord.”

14:30 The First Reading is a reading from the prophet Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 1:5)

14:28 Raymond Arroyo tweets:

@RaymondArroyo Official #Rio estimate for final #Popacabana Mass: 3.2 million. An amazing crowd for Pope Francis. @WYD_en @ewtn

14:21 Congregants sing ‘Kyrie Eleison’ as the closing Mass begins.

14:20 Organisers ask pilgrims to bring their flags down as Mass is about to begin.

14:18 John Allen writes about what we have learnt about Pope Francis during WYD 2013.

14:15 Archbishop Tempesta of Rio de Janeiro, is currently addressing Pope Francis and the WYD pilgrims. He says it was a surprise that Rio, usually a hot city, experienced the “rain of faith.”

14:11 Madame Ratzinger tweets:

@paulawyd2013 There are 3 million on the beach but I can see ppl even on the rooftops of high rise buildings #Rio2013 #JMJ

14:04 A flash mob has performed for Pope Francis which he watched from the sacristy.

14:03 Tune in here to watch the Papal Mass live.

14:01 Today Pope Francis will celebrate Mass on Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, which will mark the end of World Youth Day. He will also announce where the next World Youth Day will take place.

Last night, Pope Francis led a prayer vigil on the beach with 3 million in attendance. He appealed to the young not to be “part-time Christians” and not “to stand on the sidelines.” He called on them to be “athletes of Christ.”

Earlier this week Pope Francis told pilgrims to keep “Christ at the centre of their lives” in keeping with this year’s WYD motto: “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

His visit so far has included the Pope opening a drug rehabilitation centre and visiting a local favela.

On Friday evening the Pope presided over the Stations of the Cross on Copacabana Beach where hundreds of thousands attended.