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David Cameron: the message the Pope brought to Britain is ‘relevant today’

Benedict XVI greets David Cameron at the end of last year's papal visit to Britain (AP Photo/Martin Cleaver)

The message that the Pope brought to Britain a year ago is “just as relevant today”, the British Prime Minister has said.

In a statement marking the first anniversary of Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain, David Cameron said: “One year ago, the landmark visit of Pope Benedict gave millions of British Catholic an opportunity to celebrate their faith, while sharing a powerful message with everyone in our country about the importance of compassion, tolerance and justice.

“The Pope’s message is just as relevant today. The shocking riots in the UK underline that we need more than ever to build a culture of social responsibility and develop strong and powerful communites as we deal with tough economic challenges.

“We should also be proud that Britain’s generosity is saving the lives of millions in East Africa and countless others affected by disasters across the globe.”

He concluded: “I am deeply proud of the enormous contribution people of faith have made to our society and look forward to continuing our ever-closer co-operation between the UK and the Holy See as we work for the common good.”