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Parishes will be asked to buy ‘interim’ Missals in September

A copy of the new English translation of the Roman Missal (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Parishes will have to buy interim Missals between September and Advent to use before the full translation of the Missal is published, it emerged this week.

Martin Foster, the acting secretary of the liturgy office of the Bishops of England and Wales, said that the Catholic Truth Society (CTS) would produce a “cheap but worthy” Missal to be used at the altar for the three months between the introduction of the new Order of Mass and the publication of the full Missal.

He said there would be a number of options for the lay faithful, including buying a copy of the new Ordo, which will be available in June. He also said that the liturgy office would make the new Order of Mass available online as a PDF file so that people could download a copy for printing. A Sunday Missal will not be produced until the whole Missal is published, but there may be a supplement to existing Sunday Missals with the new translation of the Order of the Mass because the lectionary will not change.

A new lectionary is due to be published at some point in the future. But Mr Foster said: “What we had originally hoped was for the lectionary and the Missal to be released at the same time, so that we could publish them together. But now, it seems, even if the new lectionary came tomorrow, we would wait three years before using it.” This is because the lectionary follows a three-year cycle.

Mr Foster said it would be up to the parishes how the laity will be given the new Missal when it is introduced in September. He said he thought some people would just have a card with the responses on them while others who were more interested might buy the available books.

Richard Brown, sales and marketing manager of the CTS, said staff were hard at work preparing the full version.