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Key dates for the Church in 2019

(Vatican Media)


1 Mary, Mother of God; World Day of Peace
6 Epiphany
7 Orthodox Christmas
13 Baptism of the Lord
14-22 9 Days for Life (US)
18 March for Life, Washington, DC
18-25 Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity
20 Peace Sunday
22-27 World Youth Day, Panama
24 10th anniversary of Benedict XVI lifting excommunication of four SSPX bishops
27 Holocaust Memorial Day (England); World Leprosy Day


2 Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas), World Day for Consecrated Life
3-5 Papal visit to United Arab Emirates
5 Chinese New Year
8 Day for Victims of Trafficking
11 Sixth anniversary of Benedict XVI’s resignation announcement; World Day for the Sick
14 Valentine’s Day; SS Cyril and Methodius
17 Septuagesima; Racial Justice Sunday (England)
21-24 Safeguarding summit, Rome
28 Sixth anniversary of Benedict XVI’s last day as Pope


1 St David’s Day; Women’s World Day of Prayer
3 Day for the Unemployed (England)
6 Ash Wednesday
13 Sixth anniversary of Pope Francis’s election
15 Cafod Fast Day (England)
17 St Patrick’s Day
19 St Joseph’s Day
25 Annunciation
29 Britain scheduled to leave the European Union
30-31 Papal visit to Morocco
31 Mothering Sunday (England)


14 Palm Sunday
16 Benedict XVI’s 92nd birthday
18 Holy Thursday
19 Good Friday
20 Holy Saturday
21 Easter Sunday; Queen Elizabeth II’s 93rd birthday
22 Easter Monday
28 Orthodox Easter
30 St George’s Day (transferred)


1 St Joseph the Worker
5-7 Papal visit to Bulgaria and Macedonia
11 March for Life UK, London
12 World Day of Prayer for Vocations; Mother’s Day (US); 75th anniversary of the death of Venerable Edel Quinn
18 75th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Monte Cassino
22 25th anniversary of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
24 World Day of Prayer for the Church in China
30 Ascension
31 Day for Life (Scotland)


2 World Communications Day
9 Pentecost
10 Mary, Mother of the Church
13 Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest
16 Most Holy Trinity; Father’s Day (England)
17 Day for Life (England)
20 Corpus Christi
24 Nativity of St John the Baptist
28 Sacred Heart
29 Immaculate Heart
30 SS Peter and Paul (transferred)


1 Precious Blood
11 St Benedict
14 Sea Sunday
22 St Mary Magdalene


6 Transfiguration
15 Assumption


1 World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation
8 Education Day (England)
14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross
15 Home Mission Day (England)
22 Harvest (England)


Month-long Amazon synod, Rome
1 Day for Life (Ireland)
4 St Francis of Assisi; Cafod Harvest Fast Day (England)
11 St John XXIII; 10th anniversary of canonisation of Father Damian, ‘Apostle of the Lepers’
13-19 Prisons Week (England)
20 World Mission Day
22 St John Paul II
28 St Jude


1 All Saints
2 All Souls
9 Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
10 Remembrance Day (England)
17 World Day of the Poor
25 Christ the King; Youth Day
28 Thanksgiving
29 Black Friday
30 St Andrew


1 First Sunday of Advent
3 Migrants’ Day (England)
8 Bible Sunday (England)
9 Immaculate Conception
12 Our Lady of Guadalupe
17 Pope Francis turns 83
25 Nativity of the Lord
29 Holy Family