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How to… Survive soporific sermons


The Gospel carries tremendous power when preached with honesty and conviction. It can therefore be disappointing when a priest preaches a homily which is simply boring.

It is sad to admit that this sometimes happens, but it is a fact recognised on numerous occasions by Pope Francis, who most recently complained about the numbers of “people asleep, chatting or going out to smoke a cigarette” during sermons.

Popping out for a ciggie is certainly not the most reverent of ways to survive a soporific sermon. It also sets a bad example to the young and to lukewarm Catholics clinging to their faith. Instead, it would be better for the bored person to remember where they are – in a house of God and in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

One of the beauties of going into a Catholic church is that we can love Our Lord with an open heart just by being there with Him, by acknowledging his presence and adoring Him.

So when a priest preaches a homily which fails to do justice to the Gospel, why not use that time to put yourself consciously in the presence of Jesus Christ and let Him soothe and heal your soul?