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Christmas Quiz

This light-hearted entertainment involves 13 clues whose solutions, when rearranged, lead to an answer consisting of two seasonal lines. It will probably work best (or worst) as a contest between generations; elders will get more of the solutions from memory, while juniors will be quicker at looking things up online. But elders might well arrive at an answer faster by guessing on the basis of only half the solutions. Anyone who says “Ooh! I love this sort of thing!” will probably win. Enjoy.

1) A restaurant with theatrical connections.

2) A 51-year-old Country & Western star.

3) This airport opened in 1932, having previously been the site of two airship hangars.

4) A boy’s name of French origin meaning “tailor”.

5) A kind of lancer, originally from the Turkish for “lad”.

6) The area roughly defined by the Jordan river, including its western bank, and the Mediterranean Sea.

7) What you will probably do repeatedly while piecing together the Answer.

8) This German company first exported to Britain in 1894, and currently produces the “Darling Spotlight” range.

9) A “snugglesome pup” to be found on wrapping paper, greetings cards etc.

10) London was the great one, according to Cobbett.

11) It held its second International Fire and Explosion Hazard Management Conference this year, in Malta.

12) Nonsense, especially of a contrived or sentimental nature.

13) Former Governor of the Falkland Islands.

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Solutions in the order that provides the Answer:

12 Hokum, 3 Orly, 2 Faith Hill, 11 JOIFF, 5 Uhlan, 8 Triumph, 13 Hunt.

6 The Holy Land, 1 The Ivy, 10 Wen, 4 Thayer, 9 Boofle, 7 Groan.