January 18, 2019

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Catholic-Orthodox ties have frayed since the last papal visit to Romania

Helping Oxford recruit more theology students, giving parents what they need, and church-related injuries

Most of Venezuela’s neighbours boycotted Maduro’s inauguration. So why did the Vatican send a representative?

Bishops are urging the UN to intervene after a hotly disputed presidential election result

With these words a West African migrant embraced martyrdom at the hands of ISIS. What kind of man was he?

The poet’s life was marked by darkness – but also by the beauty at the heart of the world

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Life & Soul


The art critic, who died last month, made her debut in these pages. The rest is history

There is a terrible dearth of music education in Britain’s schools, so it’s wonderful to see some young people still interested in classical music


Tim Stanley admires a story of atheism, theocracy, postmodernism… and grace

Fellini’s films captured Rome’s character, says Ian Thomson

Jonathan Wright on how Asian authors re-imagined Christ

A young man finds healing on the road. By Charlie Hegarty