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Rupert Shortt says there’s only one way to defeat the new “hyper-extremism” threatening Christian minorities around the world.


Fr Raymond de Souza on what Donald Trump and Pope Francis have in common.

Fr Alexander Sherbrooke explains why he carried saints’ bones down Britain’s busiest shopping street.

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Aleppo’s archbishop on what his flock needs most

Constance Watson meets the Order of Malta’s busy ‘minister of health’

Don’t mock Johann Tetzel, says Dave Armstrong, Luther had his excesses too

Mgr John Armitage on why the First Week of Advent is a wake-up call to us all

Michael Warren thinks Stephen Bannon revealed who he really is in a Vatican speech

The world doesn’t need a feminist Beauty and the Beast, says Mary Kenny

Alexander Lee on the sculptor who brings us closer to God

Atheist philosopher Peter Singer’s ethics don’t add up, finds John Rist

Pastor Iuventus on the particular grace of Advent

Michael Tugendhat says the Brexit judges are defending us from tyranny

Prophecy has to be an act of love, says Fr Ronald Rolheiser

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