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Liberal Catholics have lost their revolutionary fervour. What’s next, asks Matthew Schmitz

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Pope Francis has kept his distance from St John Paul II, says Fr Raymond de Souza. Will next week be the moment that changes?

Music biopics are hazardous territory, observes Will Gore. A new Chet Baker film shows how to get it right

Ed West reviews Tom Holland’s biography of Athelstan – England’s overlooked founding father

And Bishop David McGough says prayer leads us beyond our fears.

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Doffing your hat to a lady could soon be a hate crime, warns Dennis Sewell

Dan Hitchens weighs up the Amoris Laetitia debate, three months after its publication

Pilgrimage should hurt, argues Jonathan Wright

Daniel Kalder profiles the enigmatic Christian scholar who shocked the Islamic world

Niall Gooch’s baby son gives him a theology class – or several

Lots of marriage prep is a waste of time, says Quentin de la Bédoyère. Here’s how to make it work

Rudyard Kipling has some ferocious advice for today’s politicians, says Mary Kenny

Tim Stanley used to think he’d flourish in prison. That was before he saw Wentworth

Fr John Zuhlsdorf on a high-profile row about Latin translation

Peter Hitchens pays tribute to the long-suffering people of Russia

And Fr Ronald Rolheiser asks what God’s anger really means