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Cover story…

This everyone, from priests to schoolchildren, can play their part, says Bishop Philip Egan.

More comment…

Laura Keynes thought her sin was too big even for Confession. She was wrong.

Sr Janet Fearns on how to live after a loved one dies.

Bishop David McGough meditates on the Second Week of Advent.

Exclusively in print…

Have Catholics really gained anything from the Reformation, asks Ed West.

John Pridmore, a reformed criminal, on the moment he knew that Jesus was on his side.

Joseph Pearce on how God forgave him for his racist past.

Stuart Reid stocks up on tea, chewing gum and an apple.

Quentin de la Bédoyère explains why he’s wary of Evangelicals.

Luke Coppen launches our app for smartphones – and it’s absolutely free for a month.

Tim Stanley takes a way-out trip courtesy of Amazon.

Mick Duggan on St Augustine and the power of flatulence.

An era of peace and good health may be coming to an end, says Michael Tugendhat.

The first victims of Islamist terrorism are peaceful Muslims, argues Fr Ronald Rolheiser.