March 8, 2019

Opinion & Features

Married priests, changing the Eucharist and confronting the Brazilian government could all be on the agenda

How the Queen (allegedly) revealed her favourite form of transport

Frustration has been widely expressed at the lack of progress on sexual abuse reform. But on finances, things are getting worse

As surrogacy becomes more normal, the whole concept of motherhood is being redefined

Post-conciliar liturgical aesthetics come from the same logic as Chanel’s elitism

Anti-Semitism must be quashed; and it also must be analysed honestly

News Analysis

Life & Soul


Francis O’Gorman on voices the Reformation couldn’t silence

Whether you listen to this as absolute music or as the background to deliberate contemplation, you have a choice of some excellent recordings


A controversial biologist thinks so, says Michael White. But I’m not convinced

Patrick West on the ‘utter scoundrel’ of the Enlightenment

Francis Phillips on the beauty of the Counter-Reformation