February 1, 2019

Opinion & Features

Everyone is interconnected and our failure to see this leaves us in peril

My aunt saw no betrayal of her religious principles by writing romantic fiction

A new study suggests slim people have a genetic headstart, but does that mean we have no responsibility?

The Corporation has been an active agent of change, agitating for the new secular morality

The event was joyous and uniting – and no doubt fostered many vocations

In a country which has little by way of firm leadership, Archbishop Fisher is an admirable exception

The Pope believes his task is to deepen relations with the Islamic world, rather than to denounce its pathologies

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Life & Soul


Several private houses host concerts to rival the greater venues

The Gesualdo Six are helping a great choral tradition be seen afresh


Tim Dowley has managed to fit the entire history of Christian music into just 300 pages

The early modern Puritans belonged to a world, and a worldview, that we find hard to grasp, says Jonathan Wright

The shrine church of St Edward became a mausoleum for secular saints and was filled with incongruous artworks