November 30, 2018

Opinion & Features

Jesus’s warnings are much stronger even than those of the great Jewish prophets

Peter Hitchens visits Germany and Scandinavia

As a student, I immersed myself in Eastern spirituality. But when I discovered the riches of Western mysticism, my life changed forever

In his latest work, the artist makes pregnancy look divinely ordained

The former SSPX leader on youth ministry, his encounters with Pope Francis and why the Old Mass is enjoying a revival

Mass immigration is often the key factor in whether parishes are vibrant

News Analysis

They want to change ‘lead us not into temptation’ to ‘do not abandon us to temptation’

The bishops sometimes imply that open borders are an absolute imperative. Will the caravan change their minds?

Amidst the crisis, we need a reminder that the Church is the fount of grace and the vehicle of salvation

The president-elect won the support of ordinary Christians, but Catholic bishops may prove his biggest foes

Catholics expect stringent measures to discipline predatory clerics. They may have to wait

Aid workers say things have never been worse for the country, but there is hope of change

Life & Soul


Patrick Kavanagh captured the true spirit of the season, says Michael Duggan


This is the best ever English translation of The Odyssey, argues Harry Mount

Nietzsche was mild, timid and would have loathed Nazism, says Allan Massie