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Inside this week’s Catholic Herald

Pope Francis leaves after celebrating Mass marking 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide (PA)

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Cover story…

Lela Gilbert writes that even a century after it took place, Turkey still refuses to accept the truth about the Armenian genocide where 1.5 millions Armenian Christians were slaughtered by the Turkish government.

More comment…

Will Gore on why Catholics should give Father Ted another chance

Matt Thorne on the Catholicism of Alfred Hitchcock

Pastor Iuventus on the depth of Easter’s mystery

Available exclusively in the print edition…

Andrew Brown wonders if Judas had God on his side

Mary Kenny argues that Hillary Clinton is a good advert for marriage

Eleanor Doughty explores what made Evelyn Waugh join the Catholic Church

Jonathan Wright reviews Peter Stanford’s new book on Judas

Jill, Duchess of Hamilton, visits a royal grave on the Mount of Olives

And Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith reveals what seminarians are taught about hearing Confessions.

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