How to… Take part in Rosary on the Coast events

How to… Take part in Rosary on the Coast events

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary, and in recent years it has become a time when Christians congregate ever more fervently to offer prayer of intercession and reparation through the Blessed Virgin May. Last year witnessed the arrival of the Rosary on the Coast in Britain, an event that drew 10,000 pilgrims to pray together in 250 locations.

The movement is international and gatherings coincide with the October 13 anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima more than a century ago.

For British Catholics, this October 13 is, of course, the date when Pope Francis will canonise John Henry Newman as England’s next saint, so there are few rosary gatherings being organised in any sizable numbers in the country this year.

It is still possible to take part, however, by uniting yourself spiritually to the event in the United States, where up to 100,000 are expected to pray together in about 2,000 locations; or in India, where the Rosary Across India event will see gatherings along the entire coast of the subcontinent and along its northern borders.

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