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Chad Pecknold joins Catholic Herald as contributing editor

Chad Pecknold

As we announced last week. C.C. Pecknold will be joining the Catholic Herald as a contributing editor.

An associate professor of theology at The Catholic University of America, Pecknold has authored several books on St. Augustine of Hippo and his relation to modern theology and politics, with a particular expertise for relating The City of God to the world we live in. He gained widespread attention in 2017 when he taught a course on Augustine’s magnum opus… on Twitter. For two hours every Thursday night, he led his “students” (including a federal judge) in a discussion about a foundational work of Christian philosophy and one of the seminal texts in the Western canon.

Yet Prof. Pecknold might be even better known for his op-eds in major newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as his articles in influential magazines like National Review and First Things. Few serious theologians write to be read, and fewer still gain a popular following in their lifetime. Prof. Pecknold has achieved both, and we’re very keen to have his editorial advise and counsel.

Prof. Pecknold, for his part, wrote to me:

“It’s an honor to be associated with the Catholic Herald, founded in the Leonine era some 130 years ago, about the same time as The Catholic University of America where I teach. Not many publications can claim that sort of longevity, and while critics may come and go, it’s the editors and writers and readers who sustain a conversation over time.

“I associate the Catholic Herald not only with its great history, but with great writers who are as attentive to orthodox observance of the Church’s teaching on faith and morals with priest-writers such as Fr. Rutler, but also urbane questions of Catholic culture or politics in writers like Matthew Schmitz and Sohrab Ahmari.”

We look forward to Prof. Pecknold’s contributions, both in the magazine and behind the scenes. He’ll help us strike the right notes as we begin our first full year of operations in America. We’re thrilled to have him aboard.