The perfect Christmas gift: 15% off all US subscriptions

It's never too early to subscribe (Photo: Getty)

A December special offer on our new American edition

When I was younger I used to ask my parents why we couldn’t have twelve days of Christmas gift-giving, as the song told me was possible. I don’t remember ever getting a satisfactory answer.

Twelve days? Forget it. How about the whole month?

And no partridges in pear trees or creepy leaping aristocrats either. The Catholic Herald is offering you something fun and useful: 15% off all US subscriptions for the entire month of December.

Just enter code W8LTCH in the box on the checkout page after selecting a subscription.

This code applies both to subscriptions for yourself and gift subscriptions for others. If you have Catholic friends and family, skip the gift cards this year and buy them a year’s worth of our new US edition. Its reputation is growing, and that’s because of readers like you.