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Thank you to our American readers

A seminarian waves a US flag before Pope Francis weekly general audience at St Peter's (Getty Images)

The US edition of the Catholic Herald has been up and running for only one week, but we’re already burrowing into the American conscience. (Part of this is due to Jeremy Leasor’s fantastic sketches for our cover story. These have been a hit on Twitter.)

The feedback has been strong and positive, even from those who might not be natural allies of the Herald. A common refrain from those seeing the Herald for the first time: “This is unlike anything else out there in the Catholic world.”

They’re right. We knew there were yawning gaps in the Catholic media market — in style, aesthetic, coverage, philosophy, and tone — so we moved to fill them. It was time for American Catholics to have a new voice.

We have picked up a solid number of subscribers in our first week. Whoever says “print is dead” is obviously not a Catholic Herald reader.

Even before formally coming to the States, we already had a broad American fan base: roughly 47 per cent of our web readers are Americans. I want to say thank you to these readers for inspiring us to begin this venture, which is off to a robust start.

The Herald will be more than just a magazine, however. We’ll be an innovative company that will never be ashamed to be Catholic. We know this is what American readers want, and we’re excited that we have what it takes to deliver it to them.