Good news for readers: the Catholic Herald is launching in America

Week after week, the Catholic Herald is able to report more good news than bad

The Catholic Herald is on the threshold of an exciting new era. Since we switched format from a 130-year-old broadsheet to a beautiful magazine in 2014 we’ve rapidly gained new readers all over the world.

And now we can reveal that next year we plan to launch in North America, where our website already has a huge following.

This is the Catholic Herald’s moment: we were founded in 1888 and now we’re seeing the beginning of our “Second Spring”, as Blessed John Henry Newman put it.

It’s time to match the exuberant enthusiasm for the magazine – which comes especially from young, orthodox Catholics, but also from non-Catholics – with investment. Therefore we are recruiting a Commercial Director, reporting directly to the Managing Director, whose job will be absolutely crucial to our expansion.

Our advertisement for the job appeared this week in the Guardian print edition; you can find it on their website and on Gorkana.

It’s no secret that parts of the institutional Church are in decline. What is less well known is that other areas of the Church are flowering, thanks above all to the vision of the new evangelisation of St John Paul II.

That is why, week after week, the Catholic Herald is able to report more good news than bad: for example, the setting up of the Benedict XVI Centre at St Mary’s University, the foundation of new communities of Oratorian Fathers, the rediscovery of the Church’s heritage of sacred music in parishes across the land.

And, in North America, the signs of life are even more unmistakable. The Catholic Herald website already receives hundreds of thousands of visits from committed, energetic and curious Catholics across the Atlantic. Now is the time for us to establish ourselves in the United States and Canada (and we’re not planning to stop there).

The new Commercial Director will be closely involved in this initiative, which we have been planning for a long time and whose details will be announced early next year. We’re also putting the finishing touches to a redesign of the magazine that will create space for our expansion, as our 130-year-old publication prepares to become an even more ‘catholic’ Herald.