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No one helps the poor more than the Catholic Church, says David Paton. Here’s the evidence

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Doctors gave Mgr Peter Smith 48 hours to live. Then a miracle happened

What if Dante is right about hell, asks Will Heaven

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Homelessness is rising. It will need more than cash to tackle it, warns Mick Clarke

Ann Widdecombe says the Iwerne camp beatings were shocking – but there was no Church cover-up

Marriage in Britain is in crisis. Why don’t young people care? asks Quentin de la Bédoyère

The day Colin Brazier became a quirky news headline

Matthew Shadle thinks Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge enters difficult ethical territory

The dancing in La La Land makes Ed Balls look talented says Mary Kenny

The saints can be role models for pupils, suggests James Whitehead

Miguel Cullen admires how Rome is restoring its antiquities

Jonathan Wright on HL Mencken’s acerbic atheism

Pastor Iuventus says a French law will muffle pro-life freedom of speech

Will Heaven wonders what he should tell 10-year-olds about hell

Treat the poor as you would treat Christ, says Fr Ronald Rolheiser