PODCAST: What does Donald Trump’s inauguration mean for Christians?

Donald Trump smiles as he sits between New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan and wife Melania (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)

Today, at noon, America and the rest of the world will watch the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. For some, ten weeks after the election result, witnessing the arrival of Mr Trump in the Whitehouse will be painful to watch while for other American citizens it will be a powerful demonstration that the liberal order, which dominated for the past eight years, has finally and thankfully crumbled.

But where does the inauguration of Donald Trump leave Christians? Matthew Schmitz, literary editor of First Things is here to shed some light. Matthew writes in our cover story this week, “If Trump looks like an angel to some, to others he appears to be the Devil incarnate. For them, the picture of Cardinal Timothy Dolan cosying up to Donald Trump is equivalent to a bishop blessing the Third Reich.”

1:25 How are different groups of US Catholics responding to Trump?

3:30 What do pro-lifers want from Donald Trump? What did he promise them?

7:05 “The most important pro-life speech in American history”…

8:24 Why has Trump not pledged to overturn gay marriage?

10:20 What does Trump really believe in?

13:17 How does Trump threaten the liberal elite?

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